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Cape Town

My travel guide to Cape Town. Expect plenty of stunning panoramas of a beautiful city.

12 Nov - 12 Dec 2015

Cape of Good Hope and Franschhoek

Comments on and photos of two day-trips out of Cape Town: the famous Cape of Good Hope and the wine district of Franschhoek.

21-24 November 2015

Skeleton Coast

A four-day road trip up the Namibia desert and down the Skeleton Coast. Cave BDSM painting, safari, elephants aplenty and shipwrecks only a click away.

7-10 November 2015


Swakopmund, adventure capital of Namibia. Featuring me sandboarding, quadbiking, hugging a boa constrictor and marveling at Sandwich Harbour, where the dunes meet the sea.

2-6 November 2015

Octoberfest and Windhoek

Thoughts on the Namibian capital, Windhoek, and the best, and most surprising, Octoberfest.

30-31 October 2015


The giant red sand dunes of Sossuvlei is one of Namibia's top destinations. And they are not just pretty to look at, but fun to climb too!

24 Oct 2015

Walker & Rodeo

A quick photo-heavy article about Walker River Resort and the San Francisco Rodeo, two places Don and I went to before and after this year’s Burning Man festival. (I just couldn’t help share some of these photos.)

12 Sep 2015

Burning Man 2015

Photos and videos from Burning Man 2015, my seventh burn (in a row!)

The highlight this year was flying over the city and watch people jump out of the plane.

27 Aug - 7 Sep 2015

Barcelona, Ljungby, London and Ireland

A guilty recap of the last six and half weeks. Click through for fan fetish, leather cops, murder of passion, stag torture, beer swigging bears, unlocked chastity, gay weddings and a ratty bum castle.

6 Jul - 19 Aug 2015

Allure of the Seas

Updates from the Allure of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world. Topics touched on include continuous waves, rock climbing walls, a buried city and the law of relativity.

28 Jun - 5 Jul 2015


Loneliness is a recurring issue for most nomads. In this article, I explore ways to handle and eventually beat this sometimes crippling emotion.

20 Jun 2015

Madrid Guide

My quick-and-dirty travel guide to Madrid, including the Royal Palace, Toledo, Churros and Chocolate breakfasts, oldest restaurant in the world, the Prado and Christian torture porn.

1 Mar - 27 Apr 2015

Personal Madrid

A personal account of my two months in Madrid, mostly focusing on the friends I made and gruesome details of my poor health you'll wish you'd never read.

1 Mar - 27 Apr 2015

International Money Transfers

Nomads often have to move money from one country to another. But what is the best way to do so? Find out in this experiment-based article.

8 Apr 2015

Remote vs Office Work

What are the pros and cons with remote working versus office work? I have the fully incomplete list right here!

22 Mar 2015

Phoenix Gay Rodeo to Zion’s Angel

On my latest U.S. roadtrip, I competed in the Phoenix Gay Rodeo, squeezed through Antelope Canyon, gazed out over Horseshoe Bend and climbed Angel's Landing in Zion.

13-21 February 2015

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks greatly improves your online privacy. Find out how, and why this is particularly important for nomads.

10 Feb 2015


Podcasts are a great way to turn ironing, queuing and other boring times into a chance to enjoy comedy shows, news or investigative journalism. You’ll never be bored again!

18 Jan 2015

Year Review 2014

A year review of 2014, where I look at where I've been, accomplishments, failures and a highly scientific take on numerology and the year.

31 Dec 2014

Salvation Mountain and Slab City

Join me in the Californian desert to explore the surreal Salvation Mountain and the deeply disturbing Slab City.

15 Dec 2014

Rio de Janeiro, part 2

The second half of my travel guide to Rio de Janeiro, featuring downtown sightseeing and cycle routes.

27 Oct - 9 Dec 2014

Rio de Janeiro, part 1

The first half of my travel guide to Rio de Janeiro, featuring the five must-see things to see and do, safety advice and some general advice.

27 Oct - 9 Dec 2014

Dealing with Physical Violence

I've been the victim of a violent robbery. This post is partly an account of the assault and partly some hard-earned lessons on dealing with physical violence.

16-17 November 2014

Nomadtopia Interview

Too tired to read another article? Then sit back, close your eyes and listen instead to this interview I gave to Nomadtopia Radio!

7 Nov 2014

São Paulo & Belo Horizonte

Guides to Brazil's Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Six new friends over five weeks, and a ton of pictures await!

21 Sep - 27 Oct 2014

Packing Like a Nomad

My collected "wisdom" on packing from almost four years of living out of a suitcase.

18 Oct 2014

Burning Man 2014

An image gallery from Burning Man 2014 as well as a gallery for my post-BM trip through California.

22 Aug - 21 Sep 2014

Year Finances 2014

Can you afford to be a nomad? What does it cost? Am I broke yet? Find out in my third annual financial review as a nomad!

5 Sep 2014

Berlin and Tuntenhaus

I spent ten days in Berlin, living at a east-Berlin ex-squat all-gay community house. Also includes the Jewish Memorial.

6-16 August 2014

Warsaw Wedding

A short update from my time in Warsaw. I attended a wedding and learnt more of the dark history of Warsaw.

1-6 August 2014

Ljungby vs. London

If there was a war between London and my childhood home of Ljungby, which would win? Find out!

18 Jun - 31 Jul 2014

Greenwich Festival

London’s best festival is the Greenwich and Dockland International Festival, where performers from all around the world to put on a superb and free outdoor festival packed full of theatre, dance and experiences that defy classification.

20-28 June 2014

Lake Havasu

A personal account of my trip to Lake Havasu and El Mirage dry lakebed. Lots of photos and an animated GIF inside!

9-16 June 2014

Brandon & Yaron’s Wedding

I was honoured to attend the wedding between Brandon and Yaron. This post is my personal account of these two amazing guys.

24-25 May 2014

Personal Vancouver

A personal account of my three months in Vancouver, one of the happiest long-term stays I've had.

17 May 2014

Vancouver Travel Guide

Vancouver has a lot to offer, such as snow sports, nude beaches, gaming bars, museums and a couple of suspension bridges. Find out more in this Vancouver Travel Guide.

17 Apr 2014


Whistler is a renowned Canadian ski resort. Does it live up to its reputation as the alpine resort of the north Americas? Find out in this video-and-picture heavy article!

9-13 March 2014

Vancouver Arrival

A quick video blog where I tour my new place in Vancouver, Canada, and recount the horrors of room 101 of the Canadian border police.

6 Mar 2014

The Want/Act Disparity

How is it possible that we want one thing, but then do another? If we are our minds, then this disparity is a riddle. How can we overcome this want/act disparity? Is it even desirable?

12 Feb 2014

Year Review 2013

A year review of 2013 where I look at where I've been, accomplishments, failures, numbers and the future of The Modern Nomad.

31 Dec 2013

Gaming in Antwerp

Why did I travel 9000 km to play board games? Find out in this article on board games and Antwerp.

14 Nov - 3 Dec 2013


Conjoined foetuses, broken bells, declarations of 'screw you' are all to be found Philadelphia.

4-31 October 2013

Friendship Observations

My experiences of how communication with my friends diminished after becoming nomadic. I offer no advice on how to deal with this, for I have none. Yet. Only hope.

1 Oct 2013

I got a job!

I have gotten a job! Where? How? Does it mean the end of my nomadism? Read on to find out.

9 Sep 2013

Burning Man 2013

A few memories and lessons from Burning Man, but mostly some wicked-awesome photos!

24 Aug - 2 Sep 2013

Year Finances 2013

Can you afford to be a nomad? What does it cost? Am I broke yet? Find out in my second annual financial review as a nomad!

31 Aug 2013

Stockholm Pride

Find out why Stockholm Gay Pride is the best pride in the world, the state of GLBT politics and social issues as well as yours truly wrestling in pink slime. My gayest article so far, by far.

29 Jul - 3 Aug 2013

Play Week

Do you have groups of friends in far-off places that you aren't spending much time with anymore? A simple but effective remedy is the Play Week.

22-24 July 2013

Preparing Your Post-Mortem

What will happen to your digital accounts e.g. Facebook when you die? Nomads have additional concerns such as detection of death in foreign lands and notification of disparate friends.

16 Jul 2013

Life as a Board Game

Life is a board game, but is it the ruthless Monopoly or a finely balances Eurogame? I say the latter, and Eurogames can teach us important lessons on how money is only a tool - not a goal - and how we should focus on what really matters - our victory points.

2 Jul 2013

Finding vs Creating Yourself

Should we search for ourselves? I say no. There are fatalistic undertones to the concept, and I suggest that we should actively create and evolve instead.

19 Jun 2013

Madam Rodeo of Ghostly Memorial

A visual summary of last month's adventures in Palm Springs, Vegas and Long Beach Island, including rodeos, sailing, mad RV riders, Hoover Dam and Calico ghost town.

2 Jun 2013

Homes and Identities

A home and the objects within reflect and shape the identity of the inhabitant. Nomads, however, have no home and very few possessions. How does this affect our ability to grow, maintain and change our identities?

23 May 2013

Rationing the Internet

Learn how to ration your data when travelling with limited Internet plans, allowing only your essential applications access while blocking others.

6 May 2013

Cogs in the Civilization Machine

Imagine civilization as a great machine, and every person is a cog, playing some part. Is there room for a nomadic cog? There may be, but it is hard to find, and whilst searching, one’s sense of self-worth suffers.

23 Apr 2013

New Zealand (Part 2)

Second part of the New Zealand South Island travel guide, featuring classic Nintendo games, timeless mines, dolphin swims, helicopters, earthquakes and much more.

13-30 March 2013

New Zealand (Part 1)

Join me on a road trip through New Zealand's dramatic south island. This first part includes mysterious boulders, tragic castles, ancient petrified forests, daring swings, fjords and a lost gypsy bus.

13-30 March 2013

Justify Your Roots

Help me understand your decision to live a geo-static life by answering two quick questions about your decision to do so.

29 Mar 2013

Sydney inFAQ

Infrequently Asked Questions about Sydney. Find answers to what might kill you, the sex-appeal of the locals and what mental disorder the Sydney Opera House suffers from.

25 Jan - 13 Mar 2013

Mardi Gras

Your guide to Sydney’s world famous Mardi Gras, including little black dresses, leather straitjackets, bishops, fair days, parades, harbour parties and an explanation of LGBTQI.

10 Feb - 2 Mar 2013

Nomadic Banking

Learn how to access your money from abroad while avoiding cross-border fees, how to keep your cards from becoming blocked and other travel tips.

18 Feb 2013


Gratitude is a state of mind. Far too often, we lose sight of it, and not only do our own lives become poorer for it but also the lives of those around us. This article explores the art of gratitude and its life-affirming qualities.

2 Feb 2013

The Sofa

This is an analogy between the seemingly harmless mistake of falling asleep on the sofa instead of going to bed, and life at large where many push the work towards a better life (the bed) to a tomorrow that never comes.

22 Jan 2013

Autumn Farm

I spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve in a gay nudist B&B eco-farm. Read on to find out how I became the king of this place, and many other stories from this my least-traditional holiday season ever.

21.12.12 - 10.1.13

Year Review 2012

A year review of 2012 where I look at where I've been, accomplishments, failures and the future of The Modern Nomad.

31 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas

A Christmas greeting to all my wonderful, handsome, clever and funny readers, from a rather bizarre place.

24 Dec 2012

Panorama Tutorial

Learn how to create impressive panoramic photographs using any digital camera and the free software Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE). It is surprisingly easy!

17 Dec 2012

Income-Independent Identities

We are more than our work. Yet the question, “What do you do [for a living]?” is ubiquitous. Why is that? Are there consequences? What can we do about it?

5 Dec 2012

Glowworms & Mt. Doom

On a drive from Auckland to Wellington, I saw the glowworms of Waitomo, walked around Turangi, visited Mount Doom in Tongariro and fought Gollum over fish at Taranaki.

22-24 November 2012

Lessons from the Airport

I had a hellish journey from the US to New Zealand. But, hardships teach us lessons. Click through for seven unorthodox travel-hacks and a story of perseverance!

18 Nov 2012


Naked paddle boarding, golden beaches, frozen mountaintop sunsets, Arrakis-styled wormholes and running over lava – it all awaits you in Hawaii!


16-28 October 2012

An Empty Seat

Is the nomadic life doomed to forever be devoid of deep and loving relationships? Is a nomadic partner too much to hope for?

1 Nov 2012

Halloween Disappearance

Today, I do not exist; I am trapped in the Twilight Zone! Click through to find out why. Happy Halloween!

31 Oct 2012

Carbon Footprints

Is a nomadic lifestyle inherently bad for the environment? Many think so, but I disagree. Read on for details on the carbon footprints of a nomad and a wider theory on how to avoid global warming.

19 Oct 2012

2-Stepping Biker Clowns at Gay Disneyland

My Los Angeles weekend including a motorcycle ride, charity work as a sexy clown, Gay-days at Disneyland and country-western dancing!

5-7 October 2012

Year Finances 2012

Can you afford to be a nomad? What does it cost? Am I broke yet? Find out in this financial review of my first year as a nomad!

24 Sep 2012

Burning Man 2012

My personal experiences from Burning Man 2012, including a Black Rock Cock, two sad goodbyes at the Temple and a talk on nomadic lifestyles. (and lots of pictures!)

25 Aug - 4 Sep 2012


Audiobooks are a fantastic way to read. You can read while e.g. commuting to work, and a masterful narration will breathe life into any book! You’ll never be bored again!

1 Sep 2012

Buenos Aires in 4 Days

My travel guide to Buenos Aires, designed as a four-day itinerary sprinkled with some social commentary.

21 Aug 2012

Leaving Buenos Aires

A personal retrospective on my five months in Buenos Aires. I go over what I've accomplished, where I struggled, the friends I made and what I plan to do next.

4 Aug 2012


Salta is a popular tourist destination in the north of Argentina, but does it live up to its reputation?

25-29 July 2012

Iguazu Falls

The Waterfalls of Iguazu are one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and for good reasons! Click through to see why this should make your list of places to see before you die.

23-24 July 2012

Nomadic Fitness & P90X

You can get into great shape without going to a gym. P90X, a 3-month home fitness program which I've just completed, is a great way to do so, and it's perfect for nomads. Click through for a review, before/after photos and a video guide.

11 Apr - 14 Jul 2012


Tango is like a dominatrix - sexy in its strictness, as well as sumptuous, sensuous and seductive! Click through for your tango survival guide and a video of my progress as a tango dancer!

30 Jun 2012

The Language Barrier

Living in a country where you don't master the language is difficult. The practicalities can be dealt with, but the social problems are much more insidious.

21 Jun 2012

Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia is a day-trip from Buenos Aires that offers a UNESCO World Heritage historic centre, crumbling cobbled streets, vintage cars and a history of war and conflict. What more could you want? How about a renewed Argentinian Visa?

9 Jun 2012


Photos, videos and random observations from my long weekend in Mendoza, the wine country at the foot of the great Andes. Expect dead dogs, overcome police barriers and serene beauty.

24-28 May 2012

Nomad ≠ Tourist

Nomads and tourists share a love for travel, but the way they travel and what they get out of it is very different. Any budding nomad should be clear on these differences!

20 May 2012

Mental Monsters

Our minds sometimes turn against us. This post explains why nomads in particular need to worry about these mental monsters and how best to deal with them, no matter if you are a traveller or not.

8 May 2012

Spreading the Word

My main writing goes into The Modern Nomad, but I occasionally write articles for other sites or give interviews. This is a round-up of the recently published items that I've been involved with.

23 Apr 2012


Is your life on-track, or are you falling helplessly towards a messy end? What if you can’t even tell anymore? You may not if you’ve moved far enough from your normal frame of reference, and that is where the real adventure begins.

16 Apr 2012

Moving to Buenos Aires

An update on my first three weeks in Buenos Aires, where I am staying and how I'm settling in. The post includes a video walkthrough of my new place and a video of a crazy hailstorm that ripped holes in our skylight!

14 Mar - 4 Apr 2012

From Switzerland to Buenos Aires

An update on where I've been, what I've done and with whom I've done it during my three weeks between leaving Switzerland and arriving in Buenos Aires.

22 Feb - 13 Mar 2012

The Matryoshka Cage

Ever noticed how your personal growth comes in bursts, often after a period of frustration with the status quo? This post explains this using a metaphor of nested cages which we must escape to keep growing.

10 Mar 2012


I spent a month and a bit in Switzerland. This post is a personal recap of what I got up to there as well as some fun facts about the country.

13 Jan - 22 Feb 2012

Blank Canvas Paralysis

Nothing can paralyse like a blank canvas. Non-artists face similar situations too, especially nomads.
This post explains why we freeze like this when starting something new and suggests ways to deal with it.

17 Feb 2012

The Paranoid’s Guide to Backups

Afraid you might lose your data? You should be. They are out to get it; you know they are! This guide to backups might just save you from their evil schemes.

11 Feb 2012

Mission Statement

In this post, I elaborate on geo-independence, sustainability and eudaemonia, the three principles of my mission statement and a successful nomadic life.

28 Jan 2012


Through the power of Tarot, my future has been revealed to me. But I’m greedy, and so I want your interpretation too.

18 Jan 2012

Airline Patron

Nomads fly a lot and therefore need a good airline patron to keep their travel flexible, cheap and smooth. But they come with certain risks.

11 Jan 2012

Rocks, Pebbles, Sand

We all want to do great things with our lives, but unless we know what they are and put them ahead of everything else, we won't get there. This post is a guide to how to do this in time for a brand new year of possibilities!

1 Jan 2012

Year Review 2011

A summary and review of 2011.

31 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas

A short Christmas greeting to all my subscribers.

24 Dec 2011

Leaving Mexico City

I'm done with Mexico City! This is my wrap up post, featuring comments on traffic, salesmen, running green men, sinking pyramids, wrestling dwarf parrots, dancing mummies and me being thrown out of a convent.

19 Dec 2011

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Every year, millions of visitors visit the Virgin of Guadalupe, a miracle apparition of the Virgin Mary on an apron. But the most fun is to be had just outside!

12 Dec 2011


My weekend trip to Hidalgo, featuring potent pulque, a beautiful hacienda, the place for human lemmings to die and a joke gone wild.

3-4 December 2011


Norm-breaking lives raise the question of purpose. Why do you do what you do? It is a question rarely asked of those who follow the norms. If you don't, then remembering your purpose is particularly important.

2 Dec 2011


Teotihuacán is an amazing and mysterious archaeological site featuring two enormous and beautiful pyramids. Who built them? No one knows. Probably not aliens.

21 Nov 2011

Moving to Mexico City

A quick catch up on my first twenty days in Mexico City.

31 Oct - 19 Nov 2011

Saying Goodbye

Frequent goodbyes are an unavoidable part of the nomadic life. It is, however, more complicated than a matter of scale. Read on to find out what makes the nomadic goodbye different, for better and worse.

10 Nov 2011

Don Kendrick

My unlikely friendship with Don Kendrick made me reflect on the importance, particularly for nomads, to be able to make friends across cultural and ideological boundaries.

29 Oct 2011

Carpet Cleaning

I tried being a carpet cleaner for a day. It made me realize that I am free to try any odd little job that I can find. What a great opportunity that is for gaining new experiences.

26 Oct 2011

Palm Springs

I spent a weekend in Palm Springs, and there explored two amazing hiking spots: alpine Mount San Jacinto and desert Joshua Tree National Park.

21-24 October 2011

San Francisco

This is the wrap-up post for my five weeks in San Francisco, summarizing my experience of this foggy but fun city.

12 Sep - 20 Oct 2011


How do you deal with homesickness when, as a nomad, you don’t have a home?

19 Oct 2011

Folsom Street Fair

Folsom Street Fair is the largest open-street fetish fair. It is the perfect place to discover this often-misunderstood sub-culture.

Not entirely safe for work.

25 Sep 2011


I am no longer a rodeo virgin. I competed in three events: Goat Dressing, Steer Deco and Chute Dogging. Click on to see me manhandle an animal three times my own weight.

9-11 September 2011

Zipping through Lake Tahoe

A short update on the days I spent around Lake Tahoe after Burning Man, including a video from a zip-line tour.

7-8 September 2011

Principles of Burning Man

The most important part of Burning Man is the community, and to understand it, you must understand the ten principles that shape it.

27 Aug - 6 Sep 2011

The Burning Man Guide

Burning Man is an annual festival in the Black Rock Desert. This post covers the fundamentals of what you might see and do at this unique event.

27 Aug - 6 Sep 2011

Bodie, a Ghost Town

The ghost town of Bodie is an eerie snapshot of a Californian gold rush town. There is no gold to be found here now, but Bodie has yet many treasures.

26 Aug 2011

Mono Lake

Mono Lake is not only a beautiful high-altitude lake; it may also hold the key to life on other planets.

26 Aug 2011


An update from New York, Long Beach Island, Los Angeles and Long Beach. Read on for luxury bidets, an epiphany on a motorcycle and a handsome group of burners!

25 Aug 2011

Ignorance and the Norway Massacre

The Norway massacre made me reflect on ignorance and how, through travel, we can fight it.

16 Aug 2011

Blooming Glen Farm

America has many small ecological farms that occasionally host open-day events full of local delicious food and country music. This post describes my visit to one such farm: Blooming Glen Farm.

7 Aug 2011

The London Stag

I returned to London for a stag weekend. Read on to find out what I think about strippers and mad hatters!

27 Jul - 3 Aug 2011

Working From Home

Even nomads have to make a living, and an option is working remotely. I've just finished a two month remote project, and in this post I will share my experiences of working from home.

26 May - 22 Jul 2011

Allemansrätten and Canoeing

Allemansrätten protects everyone’s right to enjoy the Swedish nature. One great way of making use of this law is going canoeing in one of the many lakes.

16 Jul 2011

Getting Things Done

GTD is an amazing productivity system that helped me organize everything that I needed to do to leave London and start my new nomadic life. I recommend you take a look at it, even if you just want a stress-free everyday life.

11 Jul 2011

Swedish Midsummer

Everything you need to know about the Swedish midsummer, from the Big Bang to the inevitable hangover.

24 Jun 2011

Ljungby Storytelling Festival

I love traditional storytelling. If you haven't tried it then this post explains why you owe it to yourself to do so. I also describe the Ljungby Storytelling Festival.

17-21 June 2011

Time-Out at Home

When making big changes in life, there are a lot of benefits from taking a time-out in between the old and the new. Read on to find out what.

8 Jun 2011

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to London

My unconventional guide to some of the hidden gems in London. Bring your towel and don't panic!

2 Jun 2011

Leaving London

I finally left London. This post reminiscence about what the city has meant for me as well as whines about the amount of work involved in breaking away from your job, city and country.

24 May 2011

Nomadic Culture

This post launches the Society for Nomadic Culture, a club for books, games, DVDs and CDs that travel the world, jumping from one owner to another.

17 May 2011

Give-Away Party

If you need to quickly get rid of your stuff, don’t throw them. Throw a give-away party instead!

14 May 2011

Last Day in the Office

Today was my last day at work. Read on to find out why I slept in the office last night and the meaning of friggatriskaidekaphobia.

13 May 2011

Mr Crociere

Midnight rendezvous with Mr Crociere, a man who found inspiration to his nomadic life in atheism.

1 May 2011

Cruise Destinations

In the second post about my Mediterranean cruise, I describe the places we visited along the way: Venice, Bari, Katakolon, Santorino, Mykonos, Athens, Corfu and Dubrovnik.

23 Apr - 1 May 2011

Mediterranean Cruise

This is the first post about my week-long Mediterranean cruise where I write about the cruise, but not the destinations.

23 Apr - 1 May 2011

Rubicon Birthday

Today was my 30th birthday. I picked this day to announce my nomadic plans to my family, work colleagues and friends. This post explains why I picked my birthday for this and how it all went.

10 Mar 2011


Becoming a nomad means leaving the safety of normality. Naturally, this is quite frightening. The fear can do strange things to your mind though, so be wary of it.

2 Mar 2011


I was promoted at work today. Money and titles are great temptations. Should I settle for the money and give up my dream of a nomadic life?

16 Feb 2011


Time to get rid of my stuff! As a mad control-freak, I naturally began with a full inventory of everything I own. Does it sound dry? Perhaps. I bet the booty at the end of the post will spice things up though. No sneak peeking!

23 Jan 2011

The Map

When I start a big project, I create a visual map of how to do it. In this post, I explain how I did this for my goal of becoming a nomad. Read on for details on this productivity trick.

21 Jan 2011


Minimalism is living life with few possessions. This is relevant to a modern nomad for three primary reasons: focus, mobility and work options. Read on to find out why.

2 Jan 2011

New Year, New Life

On New Year's day, I reviewed my life and realised that I needed a change. I decided to leave both my job and London, the first steps in becoming a modern nomad.

1 Jan 2011