Brandon & Yaron’s Wedding

24 - 25 May 2014. Filed under category Personal.

It has been a week since the party, and I’m still hung over. (But don’t tell my work colleagues with whom I just spend four days.). Two beach houses packed full of party-crazy youngsters was just the preamble to what is now scientifically verified as the party of the century. Wolf of Wall Street got nothing on these people. What was the occasion, you ask?

The marriage between Yaron Avitov and Brandon Mayberry.

Introductions are in order.

I met Yaron while I was in university. We went out for a drink, he asked me bizarre brain puzzles and I solved them. That was the first test. Then he asked me to meet him at Heathrow airport with my passport. When I complied without even asking where we were going, I passed the second test. (I eventually found out when I turned on my phone and it welcomed me to Budapest.) After that, we were friends. The crazy in me that enables my nomadic lifestyle, Yaron has tenfold. He is an unstoppable force of nature, and I am proud, really honoured, to call him my friend. From Yaron, I learned that the world is malleable, and we can shape it to fit our desires if we dare to try.

Brandon I met later, when Yaron made the wholly sensible choice to court, seduce, proposition (or whatever else he did) Brandon and brought him into his life. Or was it the other way around? From Brandon, I learned the importance of being a good person. And I don’t mean a little bit good. Brandon is goooood. Don’t believe me? How about his donating a kidney to his future mother-in-law? But it isn’t just this one crazy act of selflessness. It is his entire being. Spend five minutes with him and you’ll know what I mean.

And now these two amazing people joined in marriage. Never has there been a couple that better compliment the other’s strengths and weaknesses. (mostly strengths)

So what about the wedding itself? Well, it started by the grooms arriving to the wedding on jet skis… Seriously. I refer you to exhibit A on the right, showing two larger-than-life characters arriving to their wedding on jet skis!

The rest of the wedding is a daze. I remember there being a beautiful ceremony. There was something about cramming myself into a photo booth with my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss. There is photo evidence of my dancing the night away although it must be fabricated as I was clearly too drunk to stand, not to mention dance. I believe there was a bouncy castle involved, and a couple of resistance games… Oh, and the little black dress. Oh, have mercy, the little black dress.

My final thought is this. Yaron and Brandon. Damn you. Damn damn damn you both. How can I possibly top a wedding like this? If I didn’t love you both like brothers, then I would be very upset. But I do, and I wish you both the very best of married bliss!

PS. On my wedding day, I am going to bungee-jump into the ceremony.

Travel Updates

After the wedding, I spent a week in Philadelphia. I wrote this article on a flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles (via Chicago). I am now back in Long Beach and I’ll be here until June 18 when I fly to London. So, Londoner’s, prepare yourselves; a nomad you way come, carrying games!


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  1. Karen J says:

    …and a grand time was had by all!

    The brain-picture of you bungee-jumping into your wedding is amazing – until I get to the “Sproing!! back OUT of your wedding” part.
    Ummm, then what happens?
    Jus’ sayin’ ~ 😉

  2. Crys Klier-Hoffman says:

    Thanks for sharing this joyous wedding with your readers. What perfection can happen if we just allow it. Your line, “… I learned that the world is malleable and we can shape it to fit our desires if we dare to try ” is breathtaking. Everything about this post is life affirming and radiant. Wonderful.

    1. I managed to capture the feel of the wedding then!

      1. Karen J says:

        Yep, that you certainly did!

        I apologize for starting out as such a wet blanket – that sure wasn’t my intention. My “What’s wrong with this picture?” brain seized control of the typing fingers, methinks…

        Hooray for the happy couple, and Bright Blessings to all ~

  3. Craig says:

    Your nomadic lifestyle may make your relationships more challenging but you must be grateful for some of the FABULOUS people you can c
    all your friends.

  4. Anne says:

    You have done yourself & your friends a great deal of justice in that piece.. Wonderfully written..

    To affirm life in celebration of enduring friendship & love is to breathe life into the very fabric of our existence.. We are meant to find happiness by sharing our inner world with others & by being accepted for the person we were, the person we are & the one we are becoming ..

    So happy for your friends.. Life was meant to be shared.. May they live a long, joyful & exciting life together 😉

  5. Milu says:

    so deep down you wanna settle down and find someone…
    maybe you just have to find the right person 🙂
    for the one, he could be the whole world for you…
    and good luck with that… waiting for mine as well.

    1. Nah. I am so happy that Yaron and Brandon found their joy, but it would be a mistake to assume that their recipe for happiness would work for others, like myself. We are all different, and we all need to figure out what will make us happy. For me, it is not finding ‘the one’ and ‘settling down’, at least not now, and maybe never. You seem to know what you want, which is great! But don’t assume others feel the way you do.

  6. jono says:

    …just make sure you calculate the length of the bungee cord correctly otherwise it could be a very short wedding. And you will be even shorter.

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