Category 'Nomad'

The Nomad Category illuminates, through personal experience and reflection, how one may become a modern nomad, and what to expect from such a life.


Loneliness is a recurring issue for most nomads. In this article, I explore ways to handle and eventually beat this sometimes crippling emotion.

20 Jun 2015

International Money Transfers

Nomads often have to move money from one country to another. But what is the best way to do so? Find out in this experiment-based article.

8 Apr 2015

Remote vs Office Work

What are the pros and cons with remote working versus office work? I have the fully incomplete list right here!

22 Mar 2015

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks greatly improves your online privacy. Find out how, and why this is particularly important for nomads.

10 Feb 2015

Dealing with Physical Violence

I've been the victim of a violent robbery. This post is partly an account of the assault and partly some hard-earned lessons on dealing with physical violence.

16-17 November 2014

Packing Like a Nomad

My collected "wisdom" on packing from almost four years of living out of a suitcase.

18 Oct 2014

Year Finances 2014

Can you afford to be a nomad? What does it cost? Am I broke yet? Find out in my third annual financial review as a nomad!

5 Sep 2014

Friendship Observations

My experiences of how communication with my friends diminished after becoming nomadic. I offer no advice on how to deal with this, for I have none. Yet. Only hope.

1 Oct 2013

Year Finances 2013

Can you afford to be a nomad? What does it cost? Am I broke yet? Find out in my second annual financial review as a nomad!

31 Aug 2013

Play Week

Do you have groups of friends in far-off places that you aren't spending much time with anymore? A simple but effective remedy is the Play Week.

22-24 July 2013

Preparing Your Post-Mortem

What will happen to your digital accounts e.g. Facebook when you die? Nomads have additional concerns such as detection of death in foreign lands and notification of disparate friends.

16 Jul 2013

Homes and Identities

A home and the objects within reflect and shape the identity of the inhabitant. Nomads, however, have no home and very few possessions. How does this affect our ability to grow, maintain and change our identities?

23 May 2013

Rationing the Internet

Learn how to ration your data when travelling with limited Internet plans, allowing only your essential applications access while blocking others.

6 May 2013

Cogs in the Civilization Machine

Imagine civilization as a great machine, and every person is a cog, playing some part. Is there room for a nomadic cog? There may be, but it is hard to find, and whilst searching, one’s sense of self-worth suffers.

23 Apr 2013

Justify Your Roots

Help me understand your decision to live a geo-static life by answering two quick questions about your decision to do so.

29 Mar 2013

Nomadic Banking

Learn how to access your money from abroad while avoiding cross-border fees, how to keep your cards from becoming blocked and other travel tips.

18 Feb 2013

Lessons from the Airport

I had a hellish journey from the US to New Zealand. But, hardships teach us lessons. Click through for seven unorthodox travel-hacks and a story of perseverance!

18 Nov 2012

An Empty Seat

Is the nomadic life doomed to forever be devoid of deep and loving relationships? Is a nomadic partner too much to hope for?

1 Nov 2012

Carbon Footprints

Is a nomadic lifestyle inherently bad for the environment? Many think so, but I disagree. Read on for details on the carbon footprints of a nomad and a wider theory on how to avoid global warming.

19 Oct 2012

Year Finances 2012

Can you afford to be a nomad? What does it cost? Am I broke yet? Find out in this financial review of my first year as a nomad!

24 Sep 2012

Nomadic Fitness & P90X

You can get into great shape without going to a gym. P90X, a 3-month home fitness program which I've just completed, is a great way to do so, and it's perfect for nomads. Click through for a review, before/after photos and a video guide.

11 Apr - 14 Jul 2012

The Language Barrier

Living in a country where you don't master the language is difficult. The practicalities can be dealt with, but the social problems are much more insidious.

21 Jun 2012

Nomad ≠ Tourist

Nomads and tourists share a love for travel, but the way they travel and what they get out of it is very different. Any budding nomad should be clear on these differences!

20 May 2012

Mission Statement

In this post, I elaborate on geo-independence, sustainability and eudaemonia, the three principles of my mission statement and a successful nomadic life.

28 Jan 2012

Airline Patron

Nomads fly a lot and therefore need a good airline patron to keep their travel flexible, cheap and smooth. But they come with certain risks.

11 Jan 2012


Norm-breaking lives raise the question of purpose. Why do you do what you do? It is a question rarely asked of those who follow the norms. If you don't, then remembering your purpose is particularly important.

2 Dec 2011

Saying Goodbye

Frequent goodbyes are an unavoidable part of the nomadic life. It is, however, more complicated than a matter of scale. Read on to find out what makes the nomadic goodbye different, for better and worse.

10 Nov 2011

Don Kendrick

My unlikely friendship with Don Kendrick made me reflect on the importance, particularly for nomads, to be able to make friends across cultural and ideological boundaries.

29 Oct 2011


How do you deal with homesickness when, as a nomad, you don’t have a home?

19 Oct 2011

Ignorance and the Norway Massacre

The Norway massacre made me reflect on ignorance and how, through travel, we can fight it.

16 Aug 2011

Working From Home

Even nomads have to make a living, and an option is working remotely. I've just finished a two month remote project, and in this post I will share my experiences of working from home.

26 May - 22 Jul 2011

Time-Out at Home

When making big changes in life, there are a lot of benefits from taking a time-out in between the old and the new. Read on to find out what.

8 Jun 2011

Leaving London

I finally left London. This post reminiscence about what the city has meant for me as well as whines about the amount of work involved in breaking away from your job, city and country.

24 May 2011

Nomadic Culture

This post launches the Society for Nomadic Culture, a club for books, games, DVDs and CDs that travel the world, jumping from one owner to another.

17 May 2011

Give-Away Party

If you need to quickly get rid of your stuff, don’t throw them. Throw a give-away party instead!

14 May 2011

Mr Crociere

Midnight rendezvous with Mr Crociere, a man who found inspiration to his nomadic life in atheism.

1 May 2011

Rubicon Birthday

Today was my 30th birthday. I picked this day to announce my nomadic plans to my family, work colleagues and friends. This post explains why I picked my birthday for this and how it all went.

10 Mar 2011


Becoming a nomad means leaving the safety of normality. Naturally, this is quite frightening. The fear can do strange things to your mind though, so be wary of it.

2 Mar 2011


I was promoted at work today. Money and titles are great temptations. Should I settle for the money and give up my dream of a nomadic life?

16 Feb 2011


Time to get rid of my stuff! As a mad control-freak, I naturally began with a full inventory of everything I own. Does it sound dry? Perhaps. I bet the booty at the end of the post will spice things up though. No sneak peeking!

23 Jan 2011

The Map

When I start a big project, I create a visual map of how to do it. In this post, I explain how I did this for my goal of becoming a nomad. Read on for details on this productivity trick.

21 Jan 2011


Minimalism is living life with few possessions. This is relevant to a modern nomad for three primary reasons: focus, mobility and work options. Read on to find out why.

2 Jan 2011

New Year, New Life

On New Year's day, I reviewed my life and realised that I needed a change. I decided to leave both my job and London, the first steps in becoming a modern nomad.

1 Jan 2011