Web Design Portfolio

Here you can review my previous web design work. Please note that while I have been involved with the design and installation, I rarely have had any input into the actual content. So text and content-images are not my own. (So don’t judge me on spelling mistakes and other poorly written content!)

The Modern Nomad

The Modern Nomad

This site, www.TheModernNomad.com, is probably my finest work. It is fully responsive, meaning that it re-organizes itself to fit any width of browser windows, including mobiles and tablets. It has a basic menu for the static pages but the focus is on the blog posts which are loaded in batches and can be filtered by category and tags without requiring reloading of a page.

The Image Wall and Daily Photo is something I programmed myself. I’ve also linked in my Latitude city location (contiguously updated by my phone) to show on the first page.

There are many more features throughout the site, but I won’t list them here. Explore the site yourself and see why it was awarded Best Design and Structure by Dreamhost and nominated for Best Design 2013, Best Travel 2013, Blog of the Year 2012 and won Best Travel 2012 by the Bloggies.



www.rez-illusion.com is a site I created for a one-man company creating special effects for films. He wanted a dark simple site where he could show his demo reel, list the movies he has worked on and a contact form. This also runs on WordPress, and the only special development I did for this site was tweak and make it simpler for him to update the list of movies he’s worked on and the quoted references on the front page.

The site is consise and to the point. The client had no interest in maintaining a large site. He wanted something that conveyed his skills to readers with a short attention span. He also wanted to be able to update the content when he finished new projects. All accomplished.

Autumn Farm

Autumn Farm

www.autumnfarm.com is my most ‘exotic’ client so far. It is a nudist gay eco-farm.

They wanted to highlight an open, friendly and fun attitude as well as showcase their events and their not-always-safe-for-work photos.

One interesting aspect of this job was the payment. I didn’t take money this time but rather received free accommodation and food. I can, indeed, be flexible on pricing!

Thermal Inspection

Thermal Inspections

www.thermalinspection.co.nz  is a site for a one-man company doing thermal imaging to find heat leaks and water damages in houses.

The client has very limited computer skills, and used to have a static website that he could not update himself. With my help, he can now not only update his own site but has also begun writing articles about his trade. (Something I recommended as a way to get a higher Google ranking.)

I also helped the client set up Google Webmaster so that we could ensure that Google knew that this site was a local New Zealand business and thus rank his site higher to people searching for his trade in that region.



www.goldtier.com is a financial services company in the US. They wanted a fresh-looking website that showed off their key messages.

The primary goal with the site is to entice the reader to contact them, so I placed a clearly visible ‘Request a call’ button at the top.

Their second requirement was to be able to update any part of their site without my involvement. Their old site was a static site which quickly became stale and outdated.

(Personally, I would have chosen different photos for the home-page slider, but it was not my decision.)

Swirlz Cupcakes

Swirlz Cupcakes

www.swirlzcupcakes.com is a cupcake store in Chicago. They had an old Flash-based site which they wanted converted into a standard (and Google/mobile) friendly HTML site. The link above shows the result of the conversion. I also helped them set up their tracking of visitors.

Later, they hired me again to create for them an electronic shop through which they could sell their cookies. The result was shop.swirlzcupcakes.com.

We have plans to merge the two sites into one combined webstore and information centre.