My Travel Map

How I created this map

I used the Time Map library (which in turn is built upon the SIMILE Timeline library). It was far from a simple plug-and-play solution, however, and I coded some of the ‘fancy’ functionality (such as the playable animation and filtering) myself.

Do you want a map like this on your site? You’re in luck! I am available for hire!

Again, much love and gratitude to the good people behind Time Map and SIMILE.

(Psst! Try dragging the timeline!)


The idea of a nomadic life first took root in my mind on New Year’s Day, 2011, while I still lived a normal life in London. I took my time to reflect and prepare for the journey ahead, with a minor break for a Mediterranean cruise. On 24 May I flew to Ljungby, my home town, to take a time-out between the old and the new.

With two short breaks to visit friends in London and New York, I then made my way to Los Angeles and Long Beach where I visited more friends and prepared for the Burning Man festival.

After Burning Man, I drove through Lake Tahoe to San Francisco. I spent five and a half weeks there, before returning to Long Beach for a short visit.

My three months in the US came to and end when at the end of October, I flew to Mexico City. I stayed there for almost two months.


After a short return to Sweden to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I went to Switzerland. I was invited by a reader of The Modern Nomad to live with him in Lostorf for a while, but I also spent time in Zuich and Crans-Montana, where I went skiing.

After I left Switzerland, I spent a week in London and then two weeks in Long Beach / Los Angeles before moving on to Buenos Aires, where I lived for five months.

It was then time for my now annual Burning Man visit, using Long Beach as a base. I ended up staying there almost three months.

Next stop was New Zealand, but on the way I touched down in Hawaii. I lived in New Zealand, Wainuiomata and finally Autumn Farm, where I celebrated Christmas.


I left New Zealand to live in Sydney for a while before returning to New Zealand with my parents for a few weeks. I finished up ‘down under’ by going to Katoomba (near Sydney) for a month.

After a visit to Long Beach, I then went to New Jersey to train for a new job, but due to VISA issues, I returned to Sweden for a couple of months before returning to the USA, first to attend Burning Man and then back to New Jersey/Philadelphia to complete my training for ThomsonReuters.

After a few shorter trips to Long Beach, London and Antwerp (to play boardgames), I finished the year back in Ljungby.


After a month of reconnecting with friend in London, I moved to Vancouver where I spent three months, followed by four months of smaller visits to Philadelphia, Long Beach, London, Ljungby, Berlin, Warsaw and Burning Man.

My next big visit was Brazil, starting off with Sao Paulo for a week, then Belo Horizonte for a month and then Rio until ….

If you have tips on places to visits, please let me know. (Destinations with a friendly couch to sleep on for a few days get priority!)