Nomadtopia Interview

7 November 2014. Filed under category Personal.
Click to hear the interview.

Click the image to hear the interview.

I met Amy Scott of Nomadtopia in Buenos Aires, 2012. She is a fellow nomad and runs the Nomadtopia blog. Recently, she’s started the Nomadtopia Podcast where she interviews nomads about their lives. One of those interviewees is yours truly. Here is the rough outline of the interview.

My favourite part is when we discuss my secondary mission statement “To inspire people to actively choose how to live their lives, and to make that choice with bravery and passion.” That bit starts at 45m and 40s into the show.

So what are you waiting for? Head over there and check it out!

Hating your voice

I, like most people, hate to hear my own voice in a recording. I was considering burying the interview and never tell anyone about it, but figured I’m probably being paranoid. Why is it that we can’t stand hearing ourselves?

Travel Updates

I’ve been in Rio for little over a week now. Settling in quite nice here, 2 minutes from the beach. But, I’ve been working a lot, so only been to the beach once, which is shameful. I promise to do better.


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