Burning Man 2014

22 August - 21 September 2014. Filed under category Personal.

This was my sixth year going to Burning Man, the fourth as a nomad. I have written all the general Burning Man stuff before, and I won’t write it again. For those of you unfamiliar with Burning Man, I highly recommend that you read my Burning Man Guide and the Ten Principles of Burning Man.

So this post is mostly going to be a photo gallery from this year with some comments on each photo.

Afterwards, there is also a section my post-Burning-Man stay in the United States.

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After Burning Man

Leaving Burning Man, Don and I didn’t go straight back to Long Beach. Rather, we took the winding scenic route. Our first stop was a cute little RV ground by Honey Lake (which due to the California drought and the elevation has literally evaporated into thin air). $21 per night. Can’t beat it. Anyway, we rode around our bikes and climbed a cliff.

Next we went to Virginia City, a gold-rush mining town at the top of a mountain. Stunning views and moderately interesting town. It has some really old and wonderful buildings (amongst which the Victorian school house is the best) but many of them now contain tourist trinkets and slot machines. It all feels quite touristy. Best memory from V.C. was the visit to the Red Dog Saloon (red-neck watching) and cutting down tree branches above the RV (ninja style).

After almost being stranded by a leaking steering fluid leak, we made it to our last stop on our post-BM odyssey, Mammoth. We soaked in the RV-park jacuzzi, grilled hot dogs at the camp fire and took a long (motor-assisted) cycle ride up the mountain.

Back in Long Beach, we got our Burning Man stuff de-dusted and put away. I got to go two-stepping at Oil Can Harry’s, went to the Mr Long Beach Leather competition and Don and I took a two-night trip to Big Bear. Then my two dear friends, Kimera and Rhino, came to visit from Seattle.

Rhino has just started training to become a sumo wrestler, and during my final weekend in the US, he competed for the first time in the US Sumo Open. He didn’t win anything apart from my respect for even going through with the matches after seeing people being knocked both unconscious and off stage.

On Sunday 21, I took a flight out of the United States to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I am right now.

A big thank you to Don and Jim for hosting me again. Long Beach is feeling like a home-away-from-home. I love visiting you and I look forward to the day I return again!


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  1. Andy DelliColli says:

    Hell yeah, Richard!

  2. Vagina says:

    Brilliant photos, wonderful video.
    Burning man looked amazing this year, and as for Richard. I too am very impressed! Super cool.
    Really like this blog, I enjoy the personal aspect and seeing what you are up to.
    Really good!

  3. Andy DelliColli says:

    ^ Gina for short?

  4. Crys Klier-Hoffman says:

    I’ve been wondering if you went to Burning Man this year and I am finally rewarded with fantastic video and beautiful pictures. The first shot of The Man and my throat tightened, THE TEMPLE…. so gorgeous it brings tears to my eyes, such an unbelievable work of art. Then, THE MAN burning in all his glory. Oh my God, thank you for once again giving me the sweet taste of Burning Man.

  5. Levin says:

    Finally! I’m finally all caught up on the blog but it means being on tenterhooks for weeks between posts now … :-)))

  6. Hogarth says:

    Hey there Gustav,
    just having a little look through your pictures and video.

    What a great ball contraption that thing was that Don got started. Very clever! :))

    1. A ball contraption, Hogarth? Please keep these commented family-friendly…. 🙂

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