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14 May 2011. Filed under category Nomad.
Garuda statue - one of many things I gave away.

Garuda statue - one of many things I gave away.

The big giveaway that I announced in the Inventory post completely failed. I got rid of only a handful of stuff. Maybe, just maybe, people aren’t as moved by spreadsheets as I thought. Who would have guessed? Well, if at first you don’t succeed, throw a party!

I spent the morning arranging the things that I was giving away, displaying them with little post-it notes saying things like ‘Take me!’ or ‘Rummage through me (I like it)’. Then I waited for the guests to arrive and do the rest.

This turned out to be one of the most fun parties I’ve had in a long time! I loved seeing my friends faces light up when they found something they really wanted. They are of course all raised to an impeccable standard of civil courtesy and grace, so at first they reeled themselves in and only took one or two things.

Richard and Kimera, two dear friends, proudly showing of their loot!

Richard and Kimera, two dear friends, proudly showing of their loot!

I had to convince them that helping themselves also helped me. If that didn’t work, then the old bazaar technique of putting the sale object in the hands of the ‘sucker’ did!

Slowly but surely, the stacks of claimed stuff grew. I was going to be left with very little at the end of the night, and it made me feel light as a feather. I’ve been walking around with the heavy burden of having to deal with all that stuff before I leave London, and in one blow, most of that problem simply went away.

I always have a good time partying with my friends – because they rock! – but having a theme and a purpose to the party made it a bit different from what we normally do. If you need to get rid of your stuff, then I would ignore the suggestions I made in the Inventory post and instead throw a giveaway party. It’s much more effective and fun.


Have you ever given away lots of things? How did you do it?

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  1. Brother Henrik says:

    You probably have got giveaway in Ljungby fore about 10-15 yers ago the most of ours nintendo 8bits game pack is goon probably lended out an never returnd.

    1. Gustav (The Modern Nomad) says:

      Yes, where did our NES games go? I know we usually blame Magnus, but I can think of a number of bears hiding behind the hill who may have had something to do with it.

  2. PDragon says:

    Strangely nobody wanted your used medication and bedroom paraphernalia, your choice of fabrics are terrible! 😛

    Great Party though! I took your front door and toilet handles.

    1. Gustav (The Modern Nomad) says:

      I would have been marginally better of if you had done it the other way around. (Written from my Android. Someone, please send for help!)

  3. daz73 says:

    I’m really sorry to have missed it Gustav. But if there’s anything left you’d simply like me to hold onto for safe keeping then I will find a home for it.

    1. Gustav (The Modern Nomad) says:

      I’ve got a few bags full of love and friendship that I would love to store at yours.

  4. daz73 says:

    now that’s the kind of luggage that never weighs a traveller down.

  5. Allan says:

    Hey Gustav. I really didn’t expect to take anything away from your ‘Big Giveaway’ (we just went to see you) but we went home pretty loaded (ahem, not in that way). My favorite is a water (sorry WIND) elemental, about 3’x2′, which has found a very proud place on our living room wall. I also love the picture of you with some bloke drinking blood from a baby’s head! Ju got a few DVDs and games for his neice. Oh yes, we also got some lovely tablemats. You can see everything on eBay (only jesting). The day was great, but I must admit the time wathcing Eurocrap is, to date, the biggest regret of my life. See ya soon. Al. Init

    1. Gustav (The Modern Nomad) says:

      Glad there is nothing in that comment that could be taken out of context and look bad. 🙂 Enjoy the stuff and take good care of my sylph.

Have you ever given away lots of things? How did you do it?

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