Halloween Disappearance

31 October 2012. Filed under category Personal.
Happy Halloween

I reach out to you from a dimension outside space and time. Today, I do not exist.

I was last seen in Los Angeles airport at 21:55, 30 October.

Today, as you dress up in your Halloween costumes and go trick and treating, I shall wander the Twilight Zone, drifting through doorways that lead nowhere and bouncing off disembodies eyeballs.

If the Langoliers don’t eat me, I shall reappear in Auckland, New Zealand, at 14:25 on 1 November.

31 October shall fall through the cracks of the date line and into … the Twilight Zone.

Happy Halloween!


Where were you on Halloween?

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  1. Dan Garner says:

    And we would expect nothing else from you.

    Dan @ ZenPresence

  2. Mike says:

    Sending you much Love to guide you through on your journey.

  3. Allan says:

    I saw Skyfall and had a Nandos! Not very Halloweenesqe. However my parents moved into their house on Haloween when I was 10, so 11 years ago today. There is a park opposite which was all lit by bonfires and lots of little wizards and witches wandering (nice bit of alliteration there) about.

  4. J. says:

    You may be trapped in another dimension. I’m trapped in NY trying to get a flight out after hurricaine Sandy. Meet you on the other side!

  5. Craig Brown says:

    Halloween is my 28th Anniversary at American Airlines. It was there that I learned the magic that sent you into the wormhole. But as this is a trick I never performed before, I’m really hoping you find yourself in Auckland on November 1 as I conjured up. I’m one proud wizard by now!
    28 years ago. I dressed as a flight attendant (one of my stranger costumes). You would have been three. What were you?

  6. Danny says:

    Welcome to Middle Earth bro!

  7. Brother Henrik says:

    In Sweden we have allways put candels on the graves at helloween nothing ells, butt the last 10 yers more and more people have start to selebrate more like USA whay Why?
    Probably becaus the market whant to sell more junk to us just to make more money so they have start to talk about it.

    1. Gustav, the Modern Nomad says:

      Yep, it is a total American import, but one that I quite like. Love any reason to dress up in costume and party!

  8. Time Traveller says:

    You think a missing day is weird? Wait until you travel back to the US. You’ll then arrive in the US a few hours before you left New Zealand!

    1. Craig Brown says:

      And as a time traveler I presume you know that time slows as you move faster. I’ve been a flight attendant for years. I’ve considered how much “relatively younger” I’ve become compared to my geostatic friends (using the “Lorentz transform”). Forget it though. It’s probably a nanosecond.

Where were you on Halloween?

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