Madam Rodeo of Ghostly Memorial

2 June 2013. Filed under category Personal.

(Sorry about the poor audio.)

Going through my photos, I realised that I forgot to mention a few things. Like the Calico ghost town that Don and I stayed at for a night en-route to Vegas and our visit to Hoover Dam.

Palm Springs Rodeo

Calico Ghost Town

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Rodeo

Hoover Dam

Long Beach Island Memorial Day Weekend


Should I do more video?

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  1. Crys Klier-Hoffman says:

    one question, how’s your liver doing?

    Are you absolutely SURE it wasn’t you riding on top of the RV? Sounds like a Gustav kind of thing.

    Liked the white t shirt , white cowboy hat look. quite sexy.

    Art Deco…. LOVE

    Yes, more videos, please. Just maybe not while in water 🙂

    Off roading, getting up the hill, hysterical. Men and their toys. I’m talking CARS here.

    Love the picture of you waiting for the sunset, but, whew, that drive through the Vegas strip was exhausting.

  2. Phil Stevens says:

    Rodeos, a Ghost Town, Vegas, Long Beach AND Hoover Dam, oh and the Hot Tub! Nice sequence and mix of photos and videos with some amusing moments – wild drag and driving in Calico. 🙂

    Yep, more videos definitely, in or out of water, I don’t mind 🙂 Are you thinking in terms of contributing less writing on the blog? either way, it’s whatever is best for you in maintaining the continuation of the posts.

    Love Art Deco? you bet! The Winged Figure on the Hoover Dam (there are two I believe?) is the epitome of the elegance of it’s style and attributed power of this particular edifice. Beautiful.

    Enjoy the summer with your family.

  3. Anthony says:

    Absolutely yes.
    Especially if you’re continuing with “Nomads Gone Wild” motif.

    1. Hmm, as you know, there are areas of my ‘nomad gone wild’ that just would be…. suitable… in a respectable forum like the world-wide internet. 😉

Should I do more video?

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