Vancouver Arrival

6 March 2014. Filed under category Personal.

It’s been a long time, overdue some would say, since I made a quick video blog update on my travel. So here is one from my first week in Vancouver, Canada! Enjoy!

And here is the promised link to the Bloggies Awards mentioned in the video. I’m up for the Design and Blog of the Year categories. Thank you for your vote!


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  1. Karl says:

    Vancouver! And Davie Street! You’re a good 12 minute walk from where I am in Vancouver. Maybe we will run into each other around the place. I must admit I could swear the other day I saw you, so maybe I was right.

    It is a fantastic town, once you’ve gotten to know a couple of people, which it looks like you have already. You’ve missed the ‘depths’ of winter (pretty mild I thought) but if you’re around for a while this place puts on a gorgeous summer.

    1. Funny, I had coffee with a guy named Karl yesterday…. Was it you?

      1. Karl says:

        Nah, wasn’t me, unless you caught up with me at my work’s cafe!

        I’d be keen to catch up for a coffee and chat about all things nomadic if you’re interested. There’s a great coffee place about 15 minutes walk from where you are staying.

  2. Steffi says:

    Vancouver is awesome!!!! I spent 5 days there in 2009 and utterly loved it. U definitely ate some if the best food out there. I think one place I really enjoyed eating at was Flying Tigers, an Asian Tapas place. yummm. And if you get a chance grab the ferry to Vancouver island, the view is breathtaking.

  3. sara raintree says:

    VOTED!Good luck to you!!

  4. Brother Henrik says:

    I have voted on you and helped mom and dad to vote

  5. Imogen says:

    Border police: ‘Have you ever worn handcuffs?’
    Gustav: ‘Erm… I’m gonna go with no.’
    Bwhahahahaha! xxx

    1. I have no idea why everyone seems to think that the question held any particular comedic secondary meaning. *angel face*

  6. Craig Brown says:

    Yeah, hilarious about the handcuffs. But they never gave you a reason for being flagged? Could it have been random? You don’t want to have to avoid Canada in the future; too awesome a country. Obviously you scored in the housing again (future blog post: How to Score the Best Crib in Town While Traveling). That patio is indeed going to be awesome when the weather warms up.

  7. Andy DelliColli says:

    While you’re there make an effort to see “The Wet Spots” perform! Sophisticated sex comedy, its a riot!

  8. Crys Klier-Hoffman says:

    Brittany and I have voted but we don’t get the confirmation email to verify the votes, I have tried twice with no luck , so I don’t know if they will count. sorry. followed all the directions just like before.
    as to the Canada farce, YOU, handcuffs? ROFLMAO

    1. Could be in your spam folder. But yeah, I have had issues with the bloggies before where the confirmation emails don’t reach me. Trying again in a week may help. And sorry, it seems like this took longer than the 2 minutes I promised. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hogarth says:

    Hey there Gusty,
    I really enjoyed your video blog: more please! It’s friendly and approachable and in your usual Gustavian style.

    You have found a great place to stay, and I just want to jump on a plane in summer for us all to have food, drinks and gaming on that terrace in the summer: what a view, urg!

    BTW I’ve voted for you in both your categories, the best of luck!

    Hogie :)x

    1. Many thanks for the vote, and the kind words! Yes indeed, get over here and play some games! Oh, I have actually found a group of Saturday afternoon gamers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Jonathan Therrien says:

    Ok.. We have some BM stories to share you and I and you do stay a block from my place. This is no small coincidence. Just life happening. Time for a drink maybe?

  11. Brother Henrik says:

    iยดm allso thinking about visit you in vancover att summer time.

  12. Chloe says:

    wow! I have always wanted to go to Vancouver ever since the Olympics there. It looks like a lot of fun. Although it’s super weird that you were detained and questioned. I guess maybe they thought the blog was a threat to something. Anyway, congratulations on you nominations for the blog awards I am cheering you on and I really hope you win!!

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