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Whistler Village Olympic Rings

Whistler is a ski resort two hours’ drive from Vancouver. When my friend Don came to visit me in Canada, I of course had to take him to Whistler to see if he was as good of a skier as he said.

I’ve never skied outside of the European Alps, and I arrived at Whistler ready to be all smug and say things like, “Well, I guess it’s nice, but it’s not like the Alps now, is it?” Well, I got no use for my practiced lines. Whistler turned out to be on par with the Alps in every regard.

The size of the mountains (plural, as the skiing is divided over two mountains, Blackcomb and Whistler, connected by a crazy-long gondola) is enormous. It takes two days intense all-day skiing to explore it superficially, and you could easily spend much longer than that and not get bored.

Crystal Hut aka Waffle Place

The size and quality of the mountain is of course important, but just as important is the food. For example, skiing in France is boring because the food sucks (a sad little sausage and some chips) while Austria is a delight (germknödels and käsespätzle!). Whistler did not disappoint. Both on and off the mountain, the food was delicious! And not only that, the service was impeccable, and this is not just my low-European standards speaking; American Don was also floored by how every single server greeted us with genuinely warm smiles, entertained us with friendly banter and served us with speed, grace and attention. (with the one exception of a cute Japanese girl who proudly presented us with an empty glass when we had ordered a glass of milk, but her enthusiasm about this empty glass was charming in its own way.)

You do pay a premium for all this awesomeness though. Everything is expensive, from food to accommodation. A one-day ski pass cost $125 + tax, and then you add on another $65 for ski gear.

Tubing Don

If skiing every day is too expensive, then take a break and just explore the village. Whistler village is big, friendly and easy to get around. Everyone kept comparing it to a ‘picturesque Alpine village’, but this is an exaggeration. Alpine villages are more charming than Whistler village, but on the other hand, Whistler village has a greater range of shops and restaurants.

There are plenty of non-skiing activities in Whistler. I really wanted to do the skeleton, but sadly, it wasn’t running that day. Instead, we watched bobsleighing at the Olympic bobsleigh track. (Whistler held the Winter Olympics in 2010.) Close to the bobsleigh is also the tube park which is a cheap way to entertain you for an hour.

Or just stay at the hotel and soak in a hot tub with a stiff jack’n’coke.

I’ll round off this post with some photos and videos. I’d also like to thank Don for being such excellent company during this trip. I had a ton of fun!

Where to eat

We didn’t have a single bad meal in Whistler, but a few places stood out among the rest. For the best crêpe of your life, go to the tiny cubbyhole of a restaurant that is Crêpe Montagne. A great sushi place is the nearby Sachi Sushi, where you must try the divine mango roll.

On the mountain, head over to the Crystal Hut for their insanely delicious waffle, a breakfast that will sort out your blood sugar for the rest of the day’s hard skiing. And as always (always!), finish the skiing with a hot chocolate with spiced rum and whipped cream at any of the many Après Skis.

Where to rent equipment

For the best service and prices, go to Summit Sport, book online and get 20% off prices that are already lower than most places in Whistler. Also, their selection of boots and skis were better than where we first went, and their service was awesome.

My 33rd Birthday

Yes indeed, I am now a year older! On 10 March, I celebrated my birthday by having my first day of skiing for the season. I had a wicked good time. Thanks to all the warm birthday wishes that greeted me when I returned from the slopes. I love you all!


Which is your favourite ski-tracking smartphone app?

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  1. Brother Henrik says:

    I havent been using any ski-traking app yet, Maby i will try one in sälen att week 16 when i and Denise will go there.

  2. Vagina says:

    Good trip well done! Love that place! Happy Birfday, hope you make good use of this year! Lots of love to you, x

  3. Maja says:

    Just voted, good luck!

  4. Pete says:

    Looks like an amazing time had by the looks, only can say I wish my own time here had been as awesome.

  5. Johan Persson says:

    Its been forever since i went skiing.
    And it shure looked nice on thoose pictures.
    And i agree, the food in France sucks. Atleast if you visit the french parts of the Alps. I dont now ´bout the rest of the country but i like too generalize so take that french bastards.
    Oh and by the way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    I did not forgett its just the stress that comes with turning the clock forward one hour this sat-sunday that has kept me from saying happy birthday to anyone.
    I hope you liked your presents, mine was the big one or my excuse about why i DID NOT forget.
    See ya.

Which is your favourite ski-tracking smartphone app?

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