Zipping through Lake Tahoe

7 - 8 September 2011. Filed under category Personal.
Donner Lake, one of the many beautiful views on the way to Lake Tahoe.

Donner Lake, one of the many beautiful views on the way to Lake Tahoe.

Don, Jamison and I left Burning Man and drove our dusty motorhome to Lake Tahoe. I began the cleaning of the motorhome windows early as I slack-jawed drooled all over them, staring in awe at the majestic mountains over which we drove. Add to the natural beauty the effect of a week of Burning Man and you get as much of an emotional journey as a geographical. The serpentine roads that navigate the mountains seemed endless. The twists and turns were so disorienting that even the GPS got carsick.

We stayed a couple of days around Lake Tahoe and recovered from Burning Man. We washed our clothes, the motorhome and ourselves. Burning Man was awesome, but it felt good to return to the comforts of civilization. In short, we chilled out.

We squeezed in one adventure somewhere between the pool and the internet connection: zip-lining. The thrill of the rides was great, but even waiting for your turn was enjoyable because of the clear pine-scented air, the grand view of the forest-covered mountains and the banter of the group.

My favourite way to launch myself of the platforms was to stand with my heels off the platform and then fall backwards. No matter how much I trusted the equipment, the dread feeling of the drop got me every time. It reminded me of how I felt becoming a nomad; no matter how prepared I was, that feeling of falling into something I couldn’t see was just as exciting!

Contact Details

The zip-line tour was provided by the Kirkwood Ski Resort. You can get more information on their website.


What do you like to do at a ski resort during the summer?

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  1. Doug Burns says:

    Hey, are you in SF next week? I’m flying out tomorrow for Openworld.

  2. Michael says:

    The lake pictured above is Donner Lake. Named after the famed Donner Party.

    1. Gustav, the Modern Nomad says:

      Excellent general knowledge there! Thanks for the fact check. The text has been updated.

  3. “The biggest drop of them all” – Oh my word! My heart is in my mouth just looking at the photo! After overcoming utter fear, this looks just awesome.

  4. Randy Mertl says:

    im not sure what lake that is, but its not donner lake. I live at donner lake and i am 100% sure thats not Donner

    1. Gustav, the Modern Nomad says:

      Oh. Hmm. Well, now I’m just confused. A virtual hug to anyone who can correctly identify the lake above!

What do you like to do at a ski resort during the summer?

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