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23 April 2012. Filed under category Personal.
Travel Means Freedom

Travel Means Freedom

I’ve been doing a lot of on-line work lately. Some of it is work-work, meaning I earn money from it, mainly website design. On the private side of work, I’ve been writing articles and doing interviews to drum up some traffic for The Modern Nomad, and recently, many of them have been published.

Travel Book

Back in Mexico, I stumbled upon a project created by the people behind Travel Means Freedom. They help people raise funds to travel, but this particular project was to create a book written by their community. 111 authors wrote a short story from their travels, and I was one of them, writing a first-person account of the minutes I spent in the chute with a steer, waiting for the gate to open and my first ever rodeo competition to start. (See Rodeo)

The book is now in print and you can read more about it and buy either the digital or the print version on this site. At least 59% of the profits will go to Charity Water, a charity working to provide clean water to the world’s poor.

SIVA Interview

When I was in London, I popped by the swanky office of SIVA (Simon Vandi Entertainment & Solutions) and gave a video interview. They cut it together and just released it onto the turbulent sea known as YouTube. I was so pleased with how it turned out (amazing what you can do with editing!) that I’ve replaced my old introduction video on the About page with this one. It has had over thirteen thousand views already, so, yes, I’m very pleased indeed!

I am looking forward to working more closely with SIVA in the future. To be continued, right Simon?

CSS-Tricks Article

The problem my CSS article solves.

The problem my CSS article solves.

I’ve built the theme for The Modern Nomad from scratch (although originally inspired as described here). Along the road, I learnt many web design tricks as well as invented some of my own. I submitted one of these homegrown tricks to a website called CSS-Tricks where it was recently published. Not only did I get $100 for it, but I also got many new readers! (Welcome y’all!)

Click on to read my little article, Minimum Paragraph Widths in Fluid Layouts, which features our favourite villain, Stewie, from Family Guy.

My Destination Interview

My Destination is a site that, in their own words:

[…] is a global travel resource powered by a diverse community of local experts on the ground, providing unrivalled local knowledge and unique local deals. We make travel experiences more enriched, more enjoyable and quite simply, better.

The Battle of the Blogs propaganda

The Battle of the Blogs propaganda

They interviewed me about my nomadic life and The Modern Nomad project, and it has just been published. I love giving interviews because each interviewer comes with new fresh questions. Through them, I get to think about nomadic living and my own motivations in a fresh light. This time I realised that I don’t just want to write about the nomadic life but rather use it as an example of how anyone can live their lives intentionally and reach for what they truly desire, be it a nomadic life or something completely different.

You can read the full interview here.

Home Around the World Column

Home Around The World is a gay home-sharing service. It was through them that I found my new home in Buenos Aires. Whilst in London, I had dinner with the owner and I am now writing a series of columns for the HATW monthly newsletter. The first edition just came out, and you can read it here.

Man of Twitter

Yes! I can finally walk up to a handsome stranger in a bar and with a low baritone voice proudly proclaim, “I am a man of twitter!” Yes, it is bold as brass, but @BosGuy said so and he should know; he has spent a year trekking through the deepest caves and impenetrable jungles of Twitter in search for interesting gay men to follow. (It is a tough job, but someone has to do it.) To find out more about this odyssey, visit his site.

Travel Updates

I’ve been sick lately. It started with a headache, but then it grew into something bigger. I had this dull pain throughout my head, concentrating around my eyeballs, stretching down to my back and shoulders. My whole body was weak and tired. Needless to say, I felt very sorry for myself. I’m recovering now though, and should be right as rain soon.

Battle of the Blogs

I’ve been thrown into a fight to the death (or 30 April, whatever comes first) with a fellow travel blog, Beat the Brochure. We’re locked in the great arena of Battle of the Blogs (think The Hunger Games) and I need your support to help survive this ordeal. Please spare a few seconds to send me a vote or a bow and arrow. Many thanks!


What is your best tip for driving traffic to The Modern Nomad?

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  1. I am trying to balance writing for myself and writing for others. Seems like if I am not careful however I will be spending more time writing (and taking pictures)than actually traveling.

What is your best tip for driving traffic to The Modern Nomad?

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